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Freeline motorhomes work closely with charity organizations and this year will be donating a percentage of every booking To Cancer Research.

Motorhome Hire from Freeline Motorhomes

Motorhome hire is fast becoming one of our most popular holidays, offering you freedom and choice that no other holiday can offer you.

Freeline Motorhomes is one of the largest motorhome companies in the UK, our service and knowledge is second to none and we offer all our customers a very personal and professional service. At Freeline we understand that your holiday is very important and we will try and help you every step of the way to make your planning as smooth and hassle free as possible.

Is campervan hire for you?

If you are looking for a holiday with a difference and a holiday your in total control off then this will definitely be for you. Gone are fixed itineries and expensive hotels bills, just pack your motorhome and set off in search of your next adventure.

We loved every minute, experience of a lifetime!

The Bailey family (Brisbane, Australia)

Where will you take yours....

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Travelling from overseas...? Choose Freeline for an all round package

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Freeline offers more than any other motorhome hire provider in the UK. We pride ourselves on our service and with many years experience in the Industry we are definitely the people to trust for your next holiday. We have been receiving guests from all over the world for many years and offer a complete package, right from our simple uncomplicated booking process to you collecting your modern vehicle we will be with you every step of the way.

We realise that flying in from Australia, New Zealand or Canada can be quite an experience with long uncomfortable flights, so amongst our services we now offer you airport pick up to take the stress out of arriving in a strange country. It doesn't stop there either, as we can now offer you a pitch on our beautiful on site campsite and maybe even a hamper to really get you on your way.

What we can offer...

  • Airport pick up from all major airports
  • On site campsite
  • Latest modern vehicles
  • Camp site membership to both major clubs in the UK
  • Experienced and helpful staff
  • Easy booking process
  • Specialists in overseas hire
  • Large well maintained fleet
  • Full roadside assistance
  • Full inventory including satellite navigation units

With much of our business generated by referrals from many happy customers all over the world we are definitely the company to trust for your next holiday.

Sun Lido M46 SP (4-6 Berth) 7.2m 2.3JTD
Sun Lido M46 SP (4-6 Berth) 7.2m 2.3JTD
Sun Lido S70 SC (2/5 berth) 6.9m 2.3JTD
Sun Lido S70 SC (2/5 berth) 6.9m 2.3JTD
Island bed motorhome 
Sun Lido S42 DF (4 Berth) 6.5m 2.3JTD
Sun Lido S42 DF (4 Berth) 6.5m 2.3JTD
The new Sun Lido S42 DF i
Adria Coral S390 SC Platinum (3 berth) 7.3m 2.3JTD
Adria Coral S390 SC Platinum (3 berth) 7.3m 2.3JTD
Sun Lido S42 SL(3 berth) 6.6M 2.0 JTD
Sun Lido S42 SL(3 berth) 6.6M 2.0 JTD
NEW Model   The ne
Sun SLX Flexo (2-3 berth) 5.99m 2.3JTD
Sun SLX Flexo (2-3 berth) 5.99m 2.3JTD
  Great adventurer
Adria Twin 600 GB (2-3 berth) 5.98m 2.3JTD
Adria Twin 600 GB (2-3 berth) 5.98m 2.3JTD
 2018 Model The Adr

Which motorhome is for you...?

We offer many different styles and sizes of campervans which can all be viewed on our motorhome page but the general rule of thumb is to choose a vehicle a berth above what you need to give you a little more space.

For couples we offer the Adria Twin which are fantastic vehicles for vacations as they are compact and nimble but still offer all the facilities you would expect including shower, toilet and cooking area. Foe those looking for luxury and space we offer the Adria Sport, this vehicle has everything for a long vacation and with its island bed you could be forgiven for thinking you were in a hotel room.

We then offer the Carioca 200 and Carioca 694, these are medium size vehicles and are ideal four berths for the small family, with one fixed bed at the rear and a further option to convert the dinette into a further double.

For the larger family we offer the Carioca 656's, these are 6 berth vehicles that offer comfort for the whole family. With a very large over cab bed, 2 wide bunks and a dinette double this vehicle has everything you will need for that next family trip.

We are a fleet owned company meaning all our vehicles are owned by us ensuring we can offer the very best to our customers with the latest modern and well maintained vehicles.


All our vehicles are economical diesel engines and our current fleet consists of the following types of vehicles

  • Carioca 200 (4 berths)
  • Carioca 694 (4 berth luxury)
  • Adria Sport (4 berth luxury - Island bed)
  • Adria Twin (2/3 berths)
  • Carioca 656 (6 berths)

We give you a full detailed demonstration of the rented vehicle and supply you with a full tank of fuel.